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J Lewis Therapy is a Therapist in Atlanta, GA

J Lewis Therapy is a group therapy practice in Atlanta, GA who work with those 12 and up through many of life's obstacles. We specialize in therapy for:

As clinicians, we seek to provide a safe and confidential environment for all of our patients to ensure the experience is comfortable as possible.

At J Lewis Therapy, we offer supervision to those building private practices, and to those who want more supervision around the treatment of eating disorders. Our mission is to support patients who are struggling to find a sense of self and foster independence through the therapeutic experience. We specialize in the treatment of eating disorders and incorporate various types of therapy. We strive to find the best fit of therapist for each client. 

"Our associates are some of the leading practitioners in the treatment of 
eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and family therapy. We offer 
individual, group, family, and couples therapy. We have different 
clinicians in our practice, and always seek to find the best fit with our 
clients. Our associates work with a variety of theoretical orientations in 
order to best help you. We also work with many wonderful professionals in 
the community in order to help create a wonderful team environment. If you 
have read this far, try taking the first step in reaching out. Please also 
note, we recently extended our hours to incorporate Saturdays. We look 
forward to hearing from you." (Sourced from

 Give J Lewis Therapy a call today and discover the benefits of having an experienced counselor in your corner.


J Lewis Therapy is a Therapist in Atlanta, GA
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What Makes Us Proud

  • Experts In The Field Of Eating Disorders
  • Provide Individualized Treatment For Everyone
  • Multiple Therapists To Find Best Fit
  • Warm, Empathetic, and Caring Team

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  • Atlanta, GA

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